Path to God

Here is holy places

This gate Torii is symbol of the shrine ,Boundary line between 
the sanctuary and the secular world. . . . 

These are donated by prayer and fulfillment. It is everyone 's prayers written 

Family security , Health and longevity , Prosperous business . . .

The nice places! so big tree , small myself


Today's Mood

I chose the outfit in the mood for today. It's so skirt !!
Mood of everyone how are you do ?
Cocoon skirt to casual denim . I like the Skirt!
Small bird is good to forest

Is related  to the bird my name, Asuka
  I love this name

And I would like to thank parents
Roses bloom in a little more.  In addition, I come back here 
I'm looking forward to that day....


Deni Flow!

 I alive with nature and favorite season, spring has come.
There is a beautiful nature around me ,  it so nice view!! 
What would i ask for others in a place like this?


China And Fashions

Chinatown in Japan
 I came with a friend to eat Chinese dishes here.
小龍包,海老黄醤  It was very delicious ,  美味 !!
There is a park near the chinatown , atmosphere of the west .
I took a walk in the park .
Fun space everyone sitting on the bench .
  Look , The beautiful Rainbow!!
 Were combined in today's fashion gray tones.
Plaid jacket
Lace blouses
Python bag
Each one is in the pattern. . .
A dood weekend


Ethnic Mode

The Ethnic mode . I like geometric pattern
 Very Spicy color not Sweet .
Incorporates a building structure. Feel the art somewhere. . . .form of infinite.
It Favorite brand shoes!!
Dress/F21 , 
Tights/Candy Rocket ,
Necklace/House of  Harlow ,
 Bag/LV ,


Under the Blue Sky


Sensoji Temple in Tokyo the most popular for Foreigners.
The historical old town and the big temple. Can not enjoy only here!!

A Vintage Style dress , Pur together in Black

Black Bag,  Mesh×Mesh

Black Pearl,  Neck Band

Dress is Beautiful as tha Blue Sky... 
The Beautiful color in the world
Pleasant weather today is Good.!!