Under the Blue Sky


Sensoji Temple in Tokyo the most popular for Foreigners.
The historical old town and the big temple. Can not enjoy only here!!

A Vintage Style dress , Pur together in Black

Black Bag,  Mesh×Mesh

Black Pearl,  Neck Band

Dress is Beautiful as tha Blue Sky... 
The Beautiful color in the world
Pleasant weather today is Good.!!


Baa, baa, Black Reindeer

Winter coat to wear Only Black.....

I added a pearl in Black Dress .
This pearl is my treasure , Because a gift from my grandmother has been passed down to me from my mother .

Baa , Baa ,  Black Reindeer .
Again next year . . .

December 24, 2012

Night View from Sky

I could see the Sky tree tower, Tokyo tower, Bay bride and Rainbow bridge.
Flying for 15 minutes.

It is nice view by Hellicopter Trip.
Sky Tree Tower


Never forget

My own Sea.


I will never forget the day which I swam in the sea for the first time.




Annular solar eclipes

21 May 2012... about 7:30 am...
The Gold Ring...

Vitamin color

Orange Knit...
Forever 21

It was found by shopping in SHANGHAI.

A store in Bangkok, THAILAND.

Zero Gravity

Legend Michael Jackson.........hahaha

Have you ever mimicked that.
Zero gravity of Smooth Criminal.
I like it.

The bag...
Alexander Wang that my favorite Brand.
It is so cool.


As it comes

Today is holiday.
A family was reflected in photo.

I want to live in peaceful town. Do nothing, carefree.
That is my dream.

The Gray Coat......
My favorite coat now. It is not warm-hearted but.....
Spring is coming soon. so that's OK.
I wore vivit-knit by accent.


Get the power

 The Kinomiya Shrine.

This big tree is one of natural monument of Japan.
I could feel infinity power when I had seen it. 

It is really cool spot of power.
In your case, What kind of power do you want to get? 


Born To Be Wild

Japanese thinks it is good that to behavior same people around. 
But, if you wanted to alive more interesting...........

Why don't you do something that Nobody don't do.

Men wear skirt , Women wear pants.
I were not skirt but pants.

I was born to be wild...


Blue Seaside

ATAMI.... Here is Sun Beach.  

I first came to Atami.
Here are sea , and natural hot springs also.
The sea was calm with no waves. but it would be bathing beach in summer.
and many people come.

I can walk carefree sand because there are a few people current season.
Feel good‼


Like Bird

The most beautiful mountain in Japan... Mt. Fuji
My hometown is Shizuoka famous of green tee.

15 years of visit...
I was so exciting, because my memories had recalled. 
Peaceful...and relaxing.

The coat is not reversible.
But I was wearing by reversible.
It is cool. Isn't it?


All Black

I like the black..
Black.. is well-matched me. and make me high tension.

Black means dark, concern, fear etc... like negative image.
But... It shows woman beautiful themselves.

I think Girls who like to wear black are snazzy dressers and
can express attraction themselves.